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Viegreen Trading Pte. Ltd. is committed in importing and distributing food & beverage products in Singapore. We source products from reliable manufacturers and suppliers. We are also involved in value-add supply chain activities by creating and delivering prepared or cooked food/beverage products from our raw/primary products with our collaborating partners. Our specialty lies in cafe F&B supplies. Vegan and plant-based food products are emerging food trends, we are expanding our product range in this specialty category as well.

Sectors we service includes;

  • F&B and Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Corporate Supply & Corporate Events

  • Virtual platforms

F&B Product Categories:

  • Specialty

  • Gourmet

  • Vegan

  • Plant-based

  • Beverages

Viegreen Virtual Food Store is our e-storefront of curated food, beverage and dessert products. We showcase our partner's or clients' signature products. We hope to support local F&B businesses with added distribution/sales channels.

To access our virtual food store, please click here.

Key Brands:

Bondi Chai col logo on black.jpg

Bondi Chai: chai latte premix powder. Top Australian brand. Value-add supply of chai beverages, desserts and cheesecakes also possible. with collaborating partners Supplying to cafes, restaurants, central kitchens, specialty grocers and corporate supply. Vegan/dairy-free flavour is also included in range.


Chaiviera: curated juice blends and low-fat post-workout chai blends, delivering to gyms, yoga centers, fitness/sports establishments, fitness events & corporate supply. A holistic wellness brand of wellness beverages with wellness programs fusion. Vegan/dairy-free flavour is also included in range.


We hope to establish retail collaborations and marketing collaborations. We are seeking F&B/retail partners, outsourcing logistics/delivery partners and marketing partners for value-add supply chain activities. 


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have created safe management operating protocol. Our operations, deliveries, suppliers and vendors are subjected to adhere to safe management measures.

We welcome enquiries on our products, collaborations, sales or safe management protocols.

Phone: +65 6507 4590

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